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Frame grip is used to remove the frames from the box, by simply grabbing the top bar. Frame grip is made of stainless steel and has a lock for holding and fixing the frames. The handles are made with rotating elements (pipe-in-pipe principle) which makes them easy to manipulate and turn / position. The total width of the handles is 147mm, the height of the frame grip in the open position is 141mm while the maximum range of the handles in the open position of the frame grip is up to 860mm, which makes them light and comfortable to work with. The total weight of the frame grip is 250g. Ergonomic design and high quality of applied materials guarantee usability and durability.

Frame Grip, Model 2

Tax Included
  • Frame grip for removing the frames from the box and holding them during the inspection of the same, by simply grabbing the top bar. Frame grip makes it easier to accept the frame, separate it and remove it from the box by simply using it with the help of just one hand. When handling the frame grip, it is necessary to always keep the frames in a vertical position in order to avoid leakage of nectar from the comb.

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