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This Queen excluder is intended for work with National/Commercial hives.
The material is galvanized wire that can be additionally plasticized. The excluder limits the space in which the Queen should be located. The openings on the excluder are from 4.1mm to 4.2mm. The main characteristic of the excluder is to partition the entire surface of the hive, ie space where we want to limit the movement of the queen, the openings on it are correctly and evenly measured on the entire surface and the degree of processing is such that bees do not break their wings or injure some other part of their body.

This Queen excluder is placed in a hive with 11 or 12 frames.

The dimensions of this Queen excluder are 460x460mm.

Queen Excluder, Zinc-Coated Wire, National/Commerical

SKU: NH014
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