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Beekeeping Queen Excluder Shovel is used to remove wax and propolis from the barrier.

Beekeeping Queen Excluder Shovel is used when cleaning and maintaining the barrier. The shovel consists of a wooden handle and a part for cleaning the Queen Excluder. One side of the shovel is serrated with the distance between the teeth completely corresponding to the distance between the wires on the excluder. The other side of the shovel is flat and sharp, it serves for surface removal of material, and having in mind its universal design, it can also be used for cleaning other components of hives from wax, propolis, etc. Accordingly, it is possible to perform a very efficient and high-quality cleaning with a shovel for cleaning the grid, while there is no fear that the surface protection on the excluder itself will be damaged. The shovel for cleaning the barrier has a total length of 210mm, with the width of the part for cleaning of 65mm. The shovel is made of stainless steel. Ergonomic design and high quality of applied materials are a guarantee of usability and durability.

Stainless Steel Queen Excluder Scraper

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