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Baby Nuc Box Plus for Queens with frames made of hard styrofoam, provides perfect conditions for a warm environment, including a good storage system.
The box is easily portable, suitable for cleaning.
It consists of lower body, upper body, feeder in the form of an escape with two entrances, lids, 16 plastic frames, a Queen excluder, foil and two body partitions.
The floor is equipped with a sliding door and is an opening for inserting bees.
The bodies have two entrances (front and rear) and can be partitioned in the middle or block the rear entrances with partition plates.

Styrofoam Baby Nuc Box Plus

Tax Included
  • The Baby Nuc Box Plus for Queens is made entirely of hard styrofoam.
    The walls are 2 cm thick, which provides the most optimal insulation.
    It offers 3.5 times more heat compared to wooden constructions.

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