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Electric Embedder is a tool for sinking the wire into the wax foundation when installed in frames. The electric embedder is a transformer housed in a protective housing of appropriate IP protection with terminals or + and – terminals, which reduces the input voltage from 220V to 12V or 24V, thus enabling safe and secure operation.

To immerse the stainless steel wire in the wax foundation, this model of electric embedder can also be used, which lowers the input voltage of 220V to the output of 12 / 24V. If you decide to use only stainless steel wire when working with frames, this electric embedder is an ideal solution because it immerses the wire in the wax foundation in a very short time.

Electric Embedder 12-24-220V

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  • When working with this model of electric embedder, one lead (crocodile clip) is placed at the start of the wire into the frame, while the other lead is placed at the end of the wire from the frame, which closes the circuit, and the wire is heated and immersed in the wax foundation placed above it. As soon as the immersing is over, it is necessary to move the strings, which breaks the contact. If both leads of the embedder are placed at a shorter distance from this, the embedder itself may overheat.

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