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The hand-held embedder with an electric heater is used to warm the wax foundation to the wire. When the embedder heats up, it partially dissolves the wax, and the teeth on the wheel are adjusted so that they wrap the wax around the wire, and so the wax foundations are well fixed to the wire, and thus to the frame. The whip is designed to operate at 220V and has an integrated heater and temperature control element that continuously maintains a high temperature at the point. The material of the wheels and supports is red copper, and it is characterized by excellent thermal conductivity and stainless properties. The wheel on the whip is made in the shape of a star, that is. with serrated ends, has a diameter of 20mm with a total width of about 3mm, with a notched channel in the middle of the wheel which puts pressure on the wire during drowning. The handle of the embedder is made of plastic and is anatomically shaped for easier holding in the hand during work.

Electric Embedder, 220V

Tax Included
  • In addition to the interchangeable part with a serrated wheel, the set also includes a part for cutting (tailoring) wax foundations. By simply changing the attachment on the handle, we get a tool with which the wax foundations can be easily and quickly cut according to the needs, and the cutting is extremely easy and precise thanks to the high temperature of the blade.

    When using the tool, take care that the ends are extremely hot and special care must be taken to avoid injury during operation.

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