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The Smoker is made of stainless steel. The smoker bellows is a fan driven by a small electric motor. Ergonomic plastic handle and the fan starting button make the smoker very easy to handle. The smokebox is of the platform type with perforations on the surface, which guarantees good air flow.
The uniform operation of the electric motor guarantees even pushing of the smoke from the body of the smoker without tiring the hands. The electric smoker motor is powered by 1.5V AA batteries. A special protective net on the outside of the chimney protects the user from possible burns. Part of the safety net has a hook on it, which makes it easy to put down / hook the smoker during operation on the extension or other suitable support. There is an additional small hook on the lid, which serves to make it easier to open the smokestack lid.

The electric smoker is 275mm high, while the bottom diameter is 98mm.

Electric Stainless Steel Smoker

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