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Frame Grip is used to remove the frames from the box, by simply grabbing the frame. The frame grip and the tool are made of stainless steel. The range of “grippers” is enough to accommodate most standard and non-standard frames, which makes them universal accessories, regardless of the type of hives in the apiary. They can be used equally on wooden and plastic frames without restrictions, as well as when manipulating frames of all heights. Grip with an extension also has a knife as an accessory, which significantly simplifies the work, especially when separating the frames from the box. The total width of the grip handles is 130mm, the height of the grip in the open position is 105mm while the maximum range of the handles in the open position of the pliers is up to 80mm. The total length of the knife handle is 270mm, with the width of the knife tip being 35mm. The total weight of the grip is 275g. Ergonomic design and high quality of applied materials are a guarantee of usability and durability.

Frame Grip with Manipulation Tool

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  • When handling the grip, the frames should always be kept in a vertical position to avoid leakage of nectar from the honeycomb.

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