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The needle for transplanting larvae is used to move the larvae in the production of Queens or to obtain royal jelly.

The larva transplant needle, also known as the Chinese needle, is made of fine plastic, with a relief surface that makes it easier to work with. It belongs to the category of transplant needles with an elastic tip, as it has a thin movable tip made of silicone. It is characterized by durability and quality, a set of these needles replaces 30 ordinary transplant needles.

Characteristics of this needle is that the transplantation of larvae is performed without prior addition of royal jelly to the bases of the Queen cells, unlike the procedure of working with solid needles when this is necessary.

The larva transplant needle is used to transplant the larvae by lowering the elastic part, made of silicone, through the wall of the Queen cell until it is under the larva and it is pulled out and transferred together with the larva. The process itself is simple and safe, having in mind the elasticity of the silicone itself and the embossed surface of the housing, which ensures safety in work and handling. The transplanting needle has a built-in spring mechanism by means of which it is possible to remove the larva from the tip of the needle in the last phase of transfer by simple pressure.

Grafting Tool, 2 pcs

Tax Included
  • The needle set contains 2 needles.
    Material: Plastic, steel and silicone.
    Length: 11.5cm

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