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Honey refractometer is an optical device intended for measuring the amount of sugar in honey (Brix sugar concentration), measuring the percentage of water (WATER scale) in honey, as well as for measuring the density of honey, or its specific gravity.

Measurement accuracy:
0.5% Brix
0.5% Be
1% water
The operating temperature (calibration temperature) of the refractometer is 20 ° C. In order to obtain an accurate measurement result, the prism and the sample must have the same temperature. The measuring temperature should be between 10 ° C and 30 ° C. Since this model of refractometer does not have automatic temperature compensation, it is necessary to correct the measured sugar concentration depending on the ambient temperature.

Honey Refractometer

Tax Included
  • Honey refractometer can accurately measure the amount of sugar and water in honey.
    The honey refractometer contains a double scale that displays all the parameters at a glance.
    The honey refractometer used should be tested once a year using a reference mixture.
    The amount of water before boiling should be <17%. Short user guide: - Open a light-permeable plate and place 2-3 drops of liquid in which sugar is measured on the main prism. Close the transparent lid so that the liquid spreads over the prism and covers its entire surface without air bubbles and dry stains. - When measuring, hold the transparent cover in the direction of the light source and look through the eyepiece. In the center below, you will see circular fields with a division into degrees (it is necessary to focus the eyepiece in order to clearly see the division). The upper part of the field should be blue and the lower part white. - Using a step scale on the boundary between the blue and white part of the field, read the Brix sugar concentration (1% Brix = 1% sugar), ° Be ’or water percentage, depending on what you want to measure using a refractometer. The reflectometer is calibrated at the factory and does not need to be calibrated before use.

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