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A hive stand or barrel is an ideal solution for storing material and transporting it.

The external dimensions of the stand provided for one hive or barrel are 440 x 530 x 150 mm. Boundaries and anti-slip elements on the stand ensure the stability of the hive on the stand. The height of the base from the ground is 150mm, and the height of the stop is 5mm. In addition to the base, there are also 2 wedges Ø 9 mm and 2 wedges Ø 16 mm which serve for fixing the floor for the base on predefined holes Ø10 mm. On Nicot plastic floors, there are already predefined holes for this type of hanging, while on wooden floors it is necessary to make the same. Since there are several predefined holes on the stand in different positions, the user is left to choose the ones that suit him best according to the model of the hive he is working with.

Also, if the user needs to permanently fix the stand base, this can be easily done with 4 M4 x 15 mm screws. The Ø 16 mm wedge serves to connect the two stands, in such a way as to achieve a higher height of the hive than the ground, while connecting the opposite legs of the stand.

For hives that have pollen collectors, the user is allowed to place the hive on an upside-down stand, so that the base of the hive itself rests on the legs of the stand. The distance that exists between the legs and the straight part of the stand is enough to place most models of floors with collectors.

For all users who move their hives, these stands are an ideal option in transport conditions since they are collapsible, that is, by fitting one stand into another, each individual stand occupies only 55mm in height. In this way, 20 stands can be stacked at a height of 1.2 m, and the space they occupy in the vehicle (truck or trailer) is equal to one hive.

Nicot Plastic Hive Stand

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