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Nicot apparatus for breeding and production of Queens is a set of components that allow the beekeeper to work easier and faster, ie. the production of Queen cells that excludes direct contact and transplantation of larvae. The construction of the apparatus is such that the bottoms of the worker cells coincide with the bases of the Queen cells, thus ensuring that the Queen lays eggs directly into the bases of the Queen cells.

Nicot apparatus for the production of Queen cells consists of:
– apparatus for production of Queens; Nicot
– 100 pieces of artificial Queen cells, brown
– 30 pieces of Queen cell support
– 30 pieces of Queen cell cages

The Nicot apparatus, ie the apparatus for breeding Queens, enables the Queen to lay eggs directly at the base of the Queen cell, in which the egg will transform into a larva. In this way, transplanting the larva is avoided, ie. its direct contact, which significantly reduces the possibility of its possible injury, and the production of Queens cell as a procedure is significantly facilitated. The Queens cell base is moved with the larvae in the further phase of production from the Nicot apparatus to the cell carriers that were previously placed on the frame. The frame is then added to the colony for further care.

Nicot Queen Rearing System

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