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The 20l plastic bucket for storing honey is made of polypropylene, which is approved for use in the food industry and can be used to store honey or other foods. It is possible to pour about 28kg of honey into the bucket. The plastic bucket is also equipped with a plastic lid that closes and seals perfectly. The plastic bucket, with its shape and design of the body and lid, enables the placement of buckets on top of each other, which greatly facilitates the storage of honey and the rationalization of space.
The 20l plastic bucket is made of polypropylene which is allowed to come into contact with food according to EU Directive 2002/72 / EC and amendments.

Plastic Honey Bucket 20L

Tax Included
  • Basic information:
    Dimensions: 322x322x345mm.
    Net weight: 884g
    Volume: 20l
    Overflow volume: 21.7l

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