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Plastic Cage for transport and addition of the Queen; is an economical solution for storage, transport and addition of the Queen, with a transparent bottom for easier control of the Queen and a section for placing the patty/fondant.

The cage for transporting the Queen is made of plastic and is used to store and introduce the Queen into bee colony. This type of cage is the most popular and widespread among beekeepers and is often used, especially in cases when the Queen with companion bees needs to be out of the hive for a long time. Its basic characteristic lies in the fact that it stores the food reserve that bees use while they are in it, and in that way they can survive with the Queen for up to 10 days. The very design of the cage for transporting the Queen and the food storage compartment does not allow the Queen to be quickly released from the cage when it is added to a new colony.

Plastic Introduction/Shipping Cage

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