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Queen Marking Tube is used for catching and marking the queen making it much easier for beekeepers to mark the Queen.
Queen Marking Tube consists of an 82mm long plastic tube, one end of which forms a plastic ring (plastic grid of inner diameter 28mm, outer diameter 32mm), with openings through which the Queen and piston coated with sponge are marked, which pushes the Queen to the plastic ring.

Queen Marking Tube is a practical and competitively priced product. It is used to mark the Queen when the beekeeper does not want to hold it with his hand. When the Queen enters the tube, it rotates vertically and continues to be gently pushed inside the tube towards the mesh at the bottom with the help of a piston, taking care that the Queen is turned with its back to the mesh. The piston is coated with a soft sponge, so as not to injure the Queen. When the Queen is pressed against the net with the back, it is marked with paint through the grid. After marking, the piston with the sponge is pulled out and the Queen is returned to the colony or inserted into the Queen cage.

Queen Marking Tube can also be used as an auxiliary tool for placing Queens in cages.

Plastic Queen Marking Tube

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