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This German model is a simple cylinder, specific to German beekeepers who invented it and who use it to mark queens with paint and especially for applying cards with numbers on queens.

The German model is specific in that there is a slot-shaped marking hole at the top, instead of a net, and the upper part of the cylinder is conical towards the hole. Also, the sponge on the head of the piston has a conical shape, following the shape of the cylinder.

Queen Marking Plunger, German model

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  • Thus, for use, the cylinder piston is removed, the Queen is inserted, then the piston is inserted. Holding the cylinder upright, push the piston toward the end of the cylinder. Once the Queen is immobilized between the cylinder head and the sponge, the piston rotates until the shaft aligns with the marking slot. You can now mark the Queen.
    Cylinder length: 60mm
    Cylinder diameter: 35mm
    Material: plastic, sponge

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