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Jenter apparatus for the production of Queen cells – standard, contains:

– Jenter board,

– 40 smooth girders

– 115 smaller Queen cells and 115 larger Queen cells,

– cover and a stick for connecting the cells.

Jenter’s apparatus was constructed by the German beekeeper Karl Jenter, and for this invention, he was awarded the medal of Apimondia – World Beekeeping Organization in 1987. By finding a worker and Queen stem cell with a movable bottom, which is common to both cells, Jenter enabled the transplantation of larvae from a worker cell into a Queen cell, without contact.

Jenter’s apparatus is made of quality plastic, the apparatus itself has 360 worker cells, of which 112 are with a movable bottom, so they are used for transplanting larvae. The dimensions of the Jenter board are such that it can be installed in the frames of all types of hives.

Standard Queen Rearing System, Jenter

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