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Baby Nuc Box for Queens with frames made of hard styrofoam, provides perfect conditions for a warm environment, including a good storage system.
The box is easily portable, suitable for cleaning.
It is equipped with 3 plastic frames.
The lid of the hive has recesses for the cage with the stems. The floor is equipped with a sliding door and is an opening for inserting bees.
The feeder can be removed.

Material: The box is made entirely of hard styrofoam.
The walls are 2 cm thick, which provides the most optimal insulation.
It offers 3.5 times more heat compared to wooden constructions.

Styrofoam Baby Nuc Box with 3 Frames

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  • Step 1
    Assemble the frames, then add the wax foundations.
    Arrange the frames so that you get two circles.
    Fill the feeder with patty and close the hive with a styrofoam lid.

    Step 2
    Then turn the box over and open the sliding floor.
    Now fill the baby box with 100 grams (a glass of bees) of young bees.
    Spray gently with water so that the bees do not fly much.
    Close the sliding floor. Turn the box upright and place it in the shade.

    Step 3
    After approximately 40 – 50 minutes, place a mature Queen (13-14 days old) or an unfertilized Queen.
    Place the baby nuc box in a cool place.
    The grid above the inlet should be sprayed with water several times a day.
    After 3 days being in the shade, place the box near the apiary.
    This should be done in the evening.
    Raise the sliding opening at the latch inlet.

    Step 4
    After 10-14 days, check the quality of the brood, especially its regularity as well as the harmony inside the box.
    If you are satisfied with the young Queen, transfer her to a newly formed swarm or a weakened/Queenless colony.

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