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The most famous and most effective swarm catcher. This fragrance is presented in the form of a paste with strong floral essences that attracts swarms and directs them to the place prepared for them.

Swarm bait is used in hive traps to attract swarms. A pack of 30 g is enough for 10 applications. It is used for about 3 g, inside the trap, on its walls and on the fly. 1-2 built-in frames are placed inside. It is placed at a distance of 25-30 m, sideways, in the direction of the bee’s flight. 2-3-5 such hives can be placed around the hive, which increases the chances of catching a swarm, especially in stationary hives, which are rarely visited or only on weekends.

Swarm Bait (Lure) Cream, 30g

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  • Lightly coat the walls and frames of the hive. Repeat the operation every 8 days.

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