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This holder for the honey dispensing bucket is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is easy to maintain. The stand is strong and stable. The stand allows a stable placement of the bucket from which the honey should drain to the side of the container. Make your work easier, save time and forget about holding the bucket for a long time until the last drop of honey drains! Let the stand work for you, it doesn’t complain that it is tired and it can hold a bucket indefinitely while you are doing something more useful during that time! With a little dexterity and organization, the stand is suitable even for squeezing large barrels, since the size of the holder’s support allows it. Try it and you will understand how little things can make work easier.

Tank Holder

Tax Included
  • Length: 31.5x8x8 cm
    Material: stainless steel
    Weight 0.46kg

    Color: Silver
    The package includes one bucket holder

    Note: The error in the stated measurements can be 1-3 cm since the measurement is done by manual method, as well as the variation in the mass of 50g. The color may deviate from the color displayed on the screen.

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