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The ventilation and power plug with a mobile net is ANEL’s latest product. Can be used as an entrance, ventilation and feeding opening. It has multiple uses:
– Ventilation opening with net,
– By turning the net, we turn the opening into a small security entrance for bees,
– Remove the net completely, and the opening can be used as an inlet for pouring syrup.
Made of very durable material.

To apply it in your hive you will need:
– Drill with saw for 43 mm holes
– Four 3.5 x 13 mm screws
– Polyurethane sealant

Top Cover for Ventilation/Entrance, Anel

SKU: 35613
Tax Included
  • Apply PU sealant to the inner surface of the plug. We follow the same steps for a wooden hive. The new ANEL plug is larger in diameter than the previous model. To replace the older model with a new plug, you will need a 43 mm cylindrical drill. The new plug comes with a hinge and opens sideways. It is advisable to open it with a hive tool by holding it from the top or by hand. Due to the side opening, the plug cannot be closed by the wind. Place the cover at a 90-degree angle from the body to remove it. This is very useful because a potential thief will need special equipment.

    The new plug for entry, ventilation and feeding can be used in many ways. As a feeding plug on the top cover, as ventilation or entrance to the front / back of the top cover, as a small entrance on the side of the hive that protects bees from potential enemies, as ventilation on the side or as a large entrance to the hive. An alternative entrance to the hive is very important. In case of a robbery, we leave the small entrance open so that only a few bees can enter and the intruders can be carried away. We close the front door and lead the bees to an alternative entrance that they already know and use. For even more drastic measures, if we want to prevent robbery, we just seal the plugs on the top cover.

    Dimensions: 8.50 x 5.50 x 3.50 cm
    Weight: 14.00 g

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