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KLEIBERIT 303.0 wood glue is a ready-made one-component PVAC-based glue. For waterproof bonding, quality D3, good resistance to heat. For cold and hot gluing. Fast setting and colorless grout.
Gluing windows and doors
Partition walls and production elements
Gluing solid and exotic wood vistas.

Wood Glue, Waterproof D3, Professional, 500g

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  • Technical characteristics:
    the ideal operating temperature is +18°C to +20°C, never below 10°C
    the ideal humidity of wood is 8-10% or 10-14% for the production of windows
    application rate: 100-130g / m2 veneer works and 150-200g / m2 for massive gluing open time about 6-10 minutes at 20°C
    Pressing time:
    Bonding the joint at +20°C – 15 minutes
    Bonding the joint at +50°C – 5 minutes
    Bonding the joint at +80°C – 2 minutes
    Final strength after 7 days.

    Preparation for work: Surfaces to be glued must be acclimatized, dry, clean, free of dust and grease.
    Operating instructions:
    Apply one-sided coating, solid and exotic wood on both sides, then join the parts.
    Bonding pressure: 0.7-1 N / mm2 when gluing lamellas or layered gluing.
    After use, clean the tools with water.
    Storage: 12 months at 20°C in the original packaging. The adhesive is resistant to frost down to -30°C. Before work, bring the glue to room temperature and stir

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